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सर्दियों में वजन कम कैसे करें – Winter Weight Loss Tips – By Seema

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In Winter we tend to eat more, which ultimately increase our weight. As our Metabolic rate increases to maintain to body temperature. This increases our Energy requirement but it also increase calorie burning rate.

So if we choose our Winter foods and exercises carefully, you can lose weight in winter session too.
5 Best Winter Weight loss Tips
1. Increase Protein Foods Intake
2. Use Hot Detox Drinks
3. Oil massage for atleast 15 minutes
4. Eat Green Vegetables (Palak, Methi, Sarson)
5. Don’t Skip Exercises (Do Surya Namaskar)

While Decreasing your Hunger and Cravings, these tips will help you to burn more fat and and lose weight.

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