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7 FITNESS NUTRITION MYTHS IN INDIA | Bodybuilding and Fitness Mistakes

This is the 7 FITNESS NUTRITION MYTHS IN INDIA BUSTED for diet myths and nutrition myths. Check out Part 1 i.e. Worst Workout Fitness Myths Busted :

In this video we will bust some of the most common diet and nutrition mistakes that prevail in our country by bodybuilders and fitness experts who do not have complete knowledge. We will talk if carbs are bad at night, are high protein diets are bad for kidneys, egg yolks increase cholesterol , low testosterone etc. I am sure you will get alot of bodybuilding diet information after this video. If you want to see same myths for supplements, comment down below “Supplement Myths”

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10 Fitness Myths and Bodybuilding myths busted

Abhinav Mahajan NUTRITION myths and DIET myths and Fitness Myths and workout mistakes

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Abhinav Mahajan Bodybuilding mistakes and bodybuilding myths

Top 10 diet mistakes and top 10 diet myths

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