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From 9 to 5 To Successful Fitness Careers With Brian Decosta

We decided to take a trip up to see our friend Brian Decosta. We had an awesome discussion ranging from his beginnings to how he built his fitness and business mentoring program. This one is full of gems.

Here are the time stamps to all the topics discussed.

Origin 1:46

What Made you take the leap from accounting into coaching 8:19

Was there a pivotal moment where you knew what people wanted to see? 17:02

Are you not afraid of competition? 24:00

What are the general steps you recommend in your course? 29:51

Organic Content Marketing 30:00

Enrollment 31:41

Over delivery 41:07

Institute of Strength 45:06

Opinions on formal schooling 51:00

Whats up my babies outro 1:04:44

Intro to next video 1:05:52

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