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Permanent Weight Loss for Beginners| Steps | live Coaching Class

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On request of many viewers I am sharing a snippet of all the points I made in this video. Please take a note, here I have talked about some common steps that any person trying to gain permanent fitness and weight loss should follow :-

1. Define fitness in your own terms :-
To start with one should gain understating on what fitness means to them. Your believes related to fitness will have a great impact on your behaviour to achieve fitness. This will shape up your fitness goals. You can define fitness as improving your health or recovery from a chronic disease…gaining more strength and freedom from being depression

2. Write down Why and what you want to achieve :- narrow down your goals and give them clear picture. This is done to create a purpose.

3. What will be your strategy to achieve your purpose :- Develop a strategy to achieve you goals. Eg:- kind of training, diet plan, time management, sufficient sleep, reducing sleep. Prioritising work and plans

4. What you are ready to sacrifice:- giving up unhealthy food, cutting time spent on social media, gossiping, watching tv socialising…prioritising and allotting time spent on useless activities to important tasks.

5. Set short term goals , trackers to measure success:- daily trackers of water intake, food intake, workout sessions, improvement, sleep tracker, stress or mood tracker etc

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If you have any doubts, please feel free to write to me in the comment box

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