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Fitness Trainer Illustrates Everyday Problems Of Girls Who Are Struggling To Stay In Shape

Fitness Trainer Illustrates Everyday Problems Of Girls Who Are Struggling To Stay In Shape

Trying to stay fit is a harsh lover that requires many sacrifices and most importantly, patience when waiting for results. Internet-famous fitness trainer Cassey Ho knows very well the struggles of fitness and in a very light-hearted way, she illustrates them as comics for an audience as large as 1.5M followers on her Instagram.

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10 Tips Your Fitness Coach Won’t Tell You About

Do you work out with a personal trainer? This is the right thing. If he or she is a real pro, you learn a lot about how exercise can affect your body or how you can lose weight fast. However, there are some tips your fitness coach may fail to tell you. And here are a few of those things. They’ll make your training process much more effective!

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Don’t cram in workouts on a deadline 0:23
You won’t become a bodybuilder overnight 1:47
You don’t need a fitness trainer by your side for every workout 2:38
Sports nutrition isn’t the secret to a rockin’ bod 3:28
Make peace with your cellulite 4:23
Your stomach can look great without a six-pack 5:20
If you’re a woman, get ready for more reps 6:12
The more you work out, the more you should eat! 6:54
You can still get into shape without hitting the gym 7:43
When it comes to exercising, stick to the basics 8:32

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– If you’re working out and eating right consistently, you should start seeing results 2 to 3 months into the game, or even longer. Don’t overdo it 5 to 7 days a week at the gym.
– While training can affect the body and provide results, sometimes what you’re aiming for just isn’t in the cards, and you can thank your DNA for that. So keep that in mind as you set fitness goals for yourself.
– After 5 to 7 sessions with a personal trainer, you should understand how to complete your workouts and have all of your fitness questions answered.
– Instead of spending money on expensive sports nutrition plans, focus on learning some well-balanced recipes for healthy meals you can cook yourself.
– No matter what kinds of workouts or diets you go on, cellulite doesn’t just disappear forever.
– Some ab workouts, when done excessively, can have the opposite effect and make the waist appear wider.
– Women who work out with increased tension and frequent short breaks tend to see more results than if they do longer reps without rest.
– Eating a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, protein, and healthy fats along with moderate workouts should help you maintain a healthy weight.
– There are all kinds of great, effective exercises you can do both indoors and outdoors that give you the same results as a gym would.
– More often than not, people see the best results by sticking to basic moves like lunges, planks, deadlifts, squats, and pushups

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Yasmin Karachiwala’s Fitness Tips | Quint Fit

These five simple exercises by Yasmin Karachiwala, celebrity fitness trainer and pilates expert, helps you stay healthy and fit. Yasmin has trained celebs like Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor stay in shape.

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Guru Mann (Size 8) – Muscle Building Program || Body Fitness and Workout By Guru Mann

Guru Mann (Size 8) – Muscle Building Program || Body Fitness and Workout By Guru Mann

Here we are with one of the best Guru Mann’s program for Muscle building. This video is the nano version of the whole program, we tried to squeeze the core so that you may value your time.

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