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Hey guys! Here’s my weight loss update for this past week. I was able to get all the weight off that I gained from my vacation, yay, but I still only managed to get down to 179 pounds, the same weight I’ve been stuck at, haha. Hopefully this coming week, I’ll finally be able to get below 179 pounds. Gonna stay strict keto, workout, and drink plenty of water! Happy Veterans Day! Get those meal preps in and mindset ready for Monday. Have a great evening everyone. See you next week!

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Cardio – How Much is too Much? | Tiger Fitness

ARTICLE – What is Tabata | Your Ticket to Cardio Health and Muscular Gains!:

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Cardio is good, but too much can be bad. It is all about balancing what cardio you do while keeping your goals in mind.

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Cardio – How Much is Too Much?

Tiger Fitness

Weight Loss | Lose Weight Quick & Easy! | [Awesome Weight Loss Plan REVEALED!]

Weight Loss

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Weight Loss


I’m sharing my keto tips so you can see what works for me and what doesn’t. The ketogenic diet has really made me feel good and energetic! You can see in my keto before and after videos that my body has really come down. How are you doing on your weight loss journey?

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