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The Truth About Fitness: Mental Progress Matters, Too

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Videography by @rico.incarnati
Some people struggle with self control.

They want to lose fat but have difficulty saying “no.”

Often times they mentally justify it in saying they’re “flexible dieting.”

But flexible dieting doesn’t mean “eat junk and lose fat.” It means “don’t feel guilty for having a treat – but you still have to be wicked consistent to make significant, lasting changes.”

For them, practicing self control and saying “no” more often might help them achieve their goal.

Other people struggle with food anxiety.

They get anxious at the thought of going out to eat at a restaurant because they don’t want to “ruin their progress.”

They feel bad for having a slice of cake at their own birthday party.

They, logically, know it sounds silly and they often give their friends/family/clients amazing nutrition advice that promotes a more flexible approach…but they struggle with it themselves.

For them, saying “yes” more often and having a treat might help them achieve their goals.

Progress is not only measured in weight loss or fat loss or measurements or numbers or quantifiable data.

Progress is also measured in mental, emotional, and behavioral changes.

And, candidly, if you don’t improve your mindset first, any physical changes/improvements are going to be short-lived.

Because sustainable results only happen with a sustainable mindset.
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You and I are going to drink a lot of coffee together. Like, borderline dangerous amounts of coffee.

So, first things first. Pour yourself a mug and I’ll introduce myself real quick.

My name’s Jordan — but everyone calls me “J” — and I’m a 27th degree black belt in chugging coffee.

I’m also strength & nutrition coach, I hold several powerlifting world records, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have my writing featured in a variety of outlets like CNN, the Huffington Post, and

But listen.

This channel isn’t for fame, publicity, cash, props, fist bumps, likes, pings, pows or whatever else there is.

It’s a place where you and I can chat.

I’ll never sugar coat, lie, or beat around the bush. I’ll tell you everything exactly as I see it. Some stuff you might like. Others you might not.

And that’s totally cool.

Either way, my goal here is to create a discussion. A place where you and I can get together, exchange ideas, and motivate each other to be better every day.

Like I said, we’re gonna drink a lot of coffee together — borderline dangerous amounts — but I’m excited. Because there aren’t too many online communities in which the sole purpose is to inspire and motivate one another.

And that’s exactly what you and I are going to do here.

To your success,


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